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Bowflex Max trainer M5 Reviews

For those who are keen to experience a comprehensive full body workout without having to spend long hours at the gym, the Max Trainer M5 is a good investment. The manufacturing company Bowflex responsible for the launch of the M5 is known for coming up with effective and affordable fitness equipments that can help you burn many more calories than you could hope to burn on regular treadmills and elliptical trainers. The Max Trainer M5 promises to engage your upper body muscles 80% more than any other cardio training machine. So, even a 14-minute workout session on this fitness machine is guaranteed to give you fantastic results. A top rated Max trainer review will explain the user friendliness of the machine. Like its predecessor the Max Trainer M3, the Max Trainer M5 workouts are also zero impact which means that you are less likely to injure yourself or hurt your joints by working out on it.

  • Safe Workouts: Since the workouts on the Max Trainer M5 are zero impact, you will not have to worry about straining your joint, like straining knee joints while running.
  • Versatile Equipment: There are as many as 16 resistance levels to choose from. These levels can be set and adjusted according to the user’s convenience by turning a dial manually. The burn rate indicator, as the name suggests, displays how many calories you are burning per minute.
  • Track Progress: The Max Trainer M5 allows you to track your workout progress; this helps to keep you motivated on your journey to achieve your weight loss targets. You can even sync your workout results to a mobile app which is readily available on both iOS and Android phones.
  • Built-In Programs: This machine has many preset built-in workout programs like Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, Fitness Test, Fat Burn and Calorie Burn that users can benefit from.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: This is possible due to a wireless chest strap or sensors on hand grips provided by the Max Trainer M5. Besides this handy feature, there are other useful features like media shelf and bottle holder for the benefit of the user. There is an impressive backlit console which lets you view your workout statistics.
  • Warranty: There is a two-year warranty on the Max Trainer M5 parts and you can also take advantage of their 6-month money back offer which allows you to return the product if you are not happy with the results.

Given these benefits, it comes as no surprise therefore why the Max Trainer M5 is an excellent fitness machine to invest in. it successfully blends the physical challenges of upper body workouts, stair climbers and treadmills to offer you a complete upper body workout. Both newcomers and seasoned athletes can use this machine as there are multiple resistance levels. You can start with a low resistance level and gradually increase it to build your endurance. Workouts are no very easy for everyone; but there are built-in programs to help beginners. So, when you are looking for a compact fitness equipment to give you a good body workout every day without having to drive down to the local gym, you can definitely give the Max Trainer M5 a try.