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Five Workouts for Strengthening Abs

The abs workouts described below here is short. However, due to its fast paced routine, your body obtains best results once you are done. These workouts are best motions that help in incorporating several muscle groups. The calories burned will be higher when compared to the basic crunches with same duration. The 5 workouts without equipment to strengthen abs have been discussed below.

1. Plank half jacks

Place yourself in a plank position and follow the jumping jack posture with one arm and a leg. It should be opposite to each other to ensure that you don’t fall. Do the repetition on each side of the body before your repeat the jump jack movements on the other leg and arm. To make this motion easier, you can hold a half plank position rather than a full plank. This is a complete body workout that needs strength as well as balance. Do 10 repetitions for best results.

2. Airplanes

The workout is almost the same as the Russian Twist. However, your arms need to be extended straight to the sides here. Sit on a mat by leaning back, extending your arms and using a slow motion for twisting from one side to the other. The more you lean back, the better and tougher it gets. In addition, you can add the difficulty by raising your feet off the ground. When you do so, you effectively work on your obliques, abs and lower back. Do 12 repetitions for effective results.

3. Total body fly

This is yet another effective workout to make your abs stronger. Lie on your back by extending your arms and legs straightened up on the joints. Both your legs and arms should be adducted to ensure that your limbs are in a V position. Thereafter, pull them back over your body. By doing so, you can focus on the overall abs panel in addition to thighs. Do 14 repetitions.

4. Out tucks and plank up

Perform a side plank and raise the knee of the top leg towards the elbow completely in line with the body. Once done, repeat the motion of the knee upwards but facing your body so as to complete the first repetition. Do 8 repetitions on both sides of the body. Some of the body muscles engaged in this workout include obliques, thighs, lower back, shoulders and abs.

5. Flutter kick crunches

These crunches are more effective than the basic crunches. Lie down flat on the back and perform the flutter kick motion. Your one leg should be a few inches parallel and over to the ground and the other one should be straight up on top of its joint. Now switch the position of the leg in a rapid motion. The twist on this motion is you are performing a crunch upwards every time you switch your leg positions. This workout targets on the whole abdominal panel and the thighs. Do 20 repetitions.

Thus, these are the 5 workouts to strengthen your abs which can be performed without any fitness machine. Many users have obtained stronger abs with the help of these workouts.