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Five Floor Exercises to Strengthen Back

By working out the back muscles you can prevent pains. It is important to strengthen your back muscles and to do so; you do not have to only depend on gym equipments. You can carry out simple workouts at home without using any machines. The following are some floor exercises which all of us can perform easily at home and which will help to keep our back muscles toned and strong:

  1. Hip Bridge: To do this exercise, you will need to lie on the back with feet flat and at hip-width distance. The arms must be relaxed and knees should be bent. The buttocks have to be then squeezed as you try to raise your hips so that there is a straight line from your shoulders to the knees. You should then hold this posture for a couple of seconds after which you can lower the hips slowly. This exercise is very effective for stretching your hip flexors and it strengthens the spine muscles and those in the lower back region, as well as the large abdominal muscles.
  2. Lunge: To perform the lunge, you have to contract the abdominal muscles slowly and with your hands on the hips, you need to take a big step in front using your right foot. You have to then sink down in a way so that the right knee is perpendicular and then push this back to its original position. The movement must be carried out without pause to get results and you should switch the legs after doing this about 8-12 times. This workout does wonders for your spine and improves overall body control.
  3. Bird Dog: You need to start this exercise on your fours with your knees at hip-width distance. The hands must be flat and at shoulder-width distance. You should then squeeze your abdominal muscles by pulling your belly towards the spine. The spine needs to be held in a neutral position without you rotating your hips or arching your back. You have to then extend the right leg at the back and the left arm ahead of you. Holding this posture for a couple of seconds you have to repeat it on the other side. This exercise works to improve your coordination and balance, stabilizes the spine for everyday movements like running, walking, dancing etc.
  4. Side Plank: You need to lie on the right side making sure your head and feet are in a straight line. You must rest on your forearm with your elbows directly under the shoulders. Gently contracting the abs, you must raise your hips off the ground without disturbing the straight line.
  5. Superman: In this exercise, you have to lie with your chin placed on the ground. The ankles must touch the floor and toes should be pointed under you. You have to then reach out your arms straight above the shoulders so that the palms rest absolutely flat on the ground. Then you have to try to raise yourself a couple of inches off the floor by engaging your back muscles, glutes and shoulders. The muscles of the legs and arms have to be completely contracted so that the feet and hands are raised to the same height. You need to hold this posture and engage the body as if it were to “fly” just like Superman.